30-Day Instagram Challenge for Plastic Surgeons

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It can be difficult to think of new Instagram content to create all the time and fun ways to engage with your followers so why not make it fun with a 30 day Instagram challenge? Your plastic surgery Instagram content and engagement doesn’t have to be the same thing all the time. Go outside your comfort zone and try out this 30-day challenge to see if it will help you increase followers and engagement. Take your plastic surgery Instagram account to the next level with these steps.

Day 1 – Feature One of Your Staff

Whether you have a stellar assistant in the operating room or amazing admin, your team deserves to be recognized. Post a photo or video with some highlights about your team member to show them off.

Day 2 – Engage with People in Your City

Head over to the search feature on Instagram and type in your city in the location. From there, start liking and commenting on posts that are in your city. This will encourage random people to visit your page, thus increasing your followers!

Day 3 – Showcase Your Personal Travels

Travel much? Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, it’s always great to share a bit of your personal life with your followers. Show off the last city you’ve visited in a post.

Day 4 – Ask Your Follower’s Opinion

Want to know what they like or don’t like? In an Instagram story, use a poll or ask a question asking their preference. For example in a poll asking “What type of procedures do you prefer to see? Breast Augmentations or BBL?” Or ask a question, “What kind of content do you want to see more of?” Finding out your follower’s opinions can help you create better content.

Day 5 – Feature a Patient’s Testimonial

If you have a patient who adores you, show it off. Whether you have a video testimonial or they left you a great review on Yelp, featuring it can help potential patients consider you for their procedure.

Day 6 – Explain a Procedure

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about procedures. Take video footage from a past procedure and put in some audio overlay to explain the procedure and to demystify misconceptions.

Day 7 – Display Your Community Service

If you do anything that helps out your community or you do any acts of kindness volunteering abroad, this is a great thing to show off on your Instagram.

Day 8 – Post Something Funny

It’s always a breath of fresh air to see something funny on Instagram. Repost a funny meme or cartoon you saw or your own funny picture.

Day 9 – Post What Motivates You

What drives you every day? Is it making your patients happy? Post whatever motivates you in your career.

Day 10 – A Day in the Life of a Plastic Surgeon

Use Instagram Stories to your advantage by showing your followers what a day in the life of a plastic surgeon looks like.

Day 11 – Post Your Proudest Before & After Transformation

There has to be at least one procedure you feel the proudest of performing. Post this and explain why it makes you proud.

Day 12 – Your Favorite Quote

Post your favorite quote or one you try to live by each day.

Day 13 – Ask Your Followers What Procedure They’re Considering?

Curious to know what plastic surgery people want? Ask your followers in a question on Instagram Stories.

Day 14 – Repost a Past Patient

Have a patient who loves their results? Repost one of their photos!

Day 15 – Rewrite Your Bio

A fresh bio can make all the difference.

Day 16 – Complete Hashtag Research

Most people have a spreadsheet of general hashtags they use on all their posts. When was the last time you looked into new hashtags to use? Complete hashtag research to see what’s trending and not.

Day 17 – Engage With Your Followers

Go through your newsfeed and engage with your followers! Show them how much you care about them. Also, make sure you’re responding and engaging with people on your own posts.

Day 18 – Throwback to Med School

Have any photos of when you were in med school? Post one!

Day 19 – Bio Video

Take a video where you describe who you are, your background and why you wanted to work in plastic surgery, to begin with.

Day 20 – Your Favorite Restaurant in Your City

Where do you love to eat? Show your followers!

Day 21 – Post Bloopers

Have you taken a video where you kept messing up? Show your followers your bloopers for fun!

Day 22 – Go Live!

Going live on Instagram is a great way to engage with your followers and answer their questions.

Day 23 – Post a Book You’re Currently Reading

Are you reading anything? Share it with your followers.

Day 24 – Post Your Favorite Procedure to Do

You’ve got to have a favorite procedure you enjoy doing, post it and share why it’s your favorite!

Day 25 – Post Your Degrees

Show off all of your degrees!

Day 26 – Show Your Pets/Family

Sharing this glimpse into your personal life helps your followers get to know you better on a personal level.

Day 27 – Show Your Office

If your followers haven’t visited you, it’s always great to show off the office they will be visiting for a consultation.

Day 28 – Share Your Hobbies With Your Followers

Do you paint? Draw? Work on cars? Give your followers a glimpse into your hobbies.

Day 29 – Engage with Other Plastic Surgeons

Commenting and liking other plastic surgeon’s posts is a great way to network and connect with potential patients elsewhere.

Day 30 – Thank Your Followers

Post a thank you to your followers for following you and being great.

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