8 Instagram Stats A Medical Practice Needs to Know in 2023

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Instagram in 2023 is a quickly evolving social platform, with features changing and moving and disappearing at a sometimes dizzying rate.

Rather than chasing platform updates from Meta, ground medical practice in hard data that shows what exactly Instagram is right now and how it’s likely to change in the year to come.

These 34 Instagram statistics paint a picture of a platform with a shifting audience that’s nonetheless holding its own in a crowded social landscape. You’ll find some valuable insights for planning your Instagram medical marketing strategy this year.

1. Instagram is the 8th most visited website in the world

According to Semrush, based on total website traffic, Instagram is one of the world’s top 10 most-visited websites globally, with 4.25 billion total visits per month.

Importantly, while most users login through the mobile app, this stat is a good reminder that people may be viewing your posts on their desktops or laptops, too. That means you can’t count on everyone seeing features that are only available in the app, like product tags. It’s worth mentioning product names in your captions so web users can track them down if they’re inspired to buy.

2. Instagram is the 9th most-Googled search term

Facebook, Youtube and “weather” all beat out Instagram, but considering that Insta is primarily accessed through the app, this is an impressive number and more proof that your audience might be viewing your content through a browser — whether a mobile one or on their computer.

3. Instagram is the 4th most-used social platform

Only Facebook, Youtube and WhatsApp beat out Instagram in terms of daily global active users, as Instagram clocks in at an impressive 1.386 billion people.

For now, it’s beating out TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat, but 2023 will be a year of big change, as TikTok is gaining ground fast.

4. Instagram is the most-downloaded app in the world

TikTok comes in at second place, followed by Facebook and WhatsApp. Considering the Instagram app has been around since 2010, that’s an impressive spot on the download charts.

Instagram usage stats

5. Users (Your potential patients!) spend an average of 11.7 hours/month on Instagram

It ranks fifth among social platforms, behind YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and WhatsApp. But no matter how you slice it, that’s almost half a day every month spent consuming content on the platform.

6. Americans spend 30.1 minutes per day on Instagram (A lot more than your website!)

That’s exactly tied with Facebook, but behind TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Let’s put that into context:

7. Instagram accounted for 17% of the time U.S. adults spent on social media in 2022

eMarketer expects this to grow to 18.6% in 2024. In 2022 Instagram still beat TikTok for percentage of time spent, but by 2024 they’ll be tied.

Instagram Story stats

8. The potential ad audience on Instagram Stories is 996 million

For reference, you can potentially reach 1.32 billion users on the main feed. Does that mean main feed is a better ad bet? Not necessarily. It all depends where your audience spends most of their time.

Instagram analytics can help you figure out whether Stories or main feed posts get more attention from your audience. While this isn’t the only factor to consider when planning Instagram ad placement, it’s a useful data point to have on hand.

Instagram Reels stats

9. The potential ad audience on Reels is 758.5 million users

Again, for reference, feed ads can reach up to 1.32 billion, and Stories ads can reach up to 996 million. Expect this to change in the coming year as Reels ads become more mainstream.

10. People reshare Reels 1 billion times a day through DMs

Through DMs! Dark social is real. Reels are well established as the best Instagram surface for getting in front of Instagram users who do not already follow your account. This is just another way in which Reels can expand your reach.

11. Reels take up 30% of the time people spend on Instagram

And this number is growing fast, up 50% from the 20% reported in Meta’s Q2 2022 earnings call. If you don’t yet have an Instagram Reels strategy in place, make 2023 your year to break into the short-form Instagram video scene.

Instagram stats for business

12. Instagram is the #1 social media platform for people to connect with brands

(your medical brand!)

This stat comes from a Meta-commissioned Ipsos Marketing study. The exact phrasing is “people surveyed said Instagram is the #1 place to keep up with their favorite brands compared to other platforms.” What exactly this means may be open to interpretation, but it certainly shows that people interested in your brand expect to find you on Instagram

13. The average Instagram business account grows its followers by 0.98% each


Of course, this varies significantly by industry. Here are some industry-specific Instagram follower growth stats benchmarks:

  • Education: 0.03%
  • Entertainment and media: -1.59%
  • Financial services: -0.07%
  • Food and beverage: -0.88%
  • Medical: -0.21%
  • Real estate: -0.06%
  • Retail: -0.37%
  • Travel/hospitality/leisure: 0.33%Notice that growth is negative right now for many industries – so don’t be alarmed if you’ve seen your own follower count drop a little in recent months.To counteract the trend, seek out local influencers or amazing organic Instagram pages that will promote your content. In most cases this is a ‘Pay to Play’ model.

14. Business accounts post an average of 1.71 feed posts a day

To break that down: for the average Instagram Business account, 48.9% of all main feed posts are photos, while 31.8% are videos and 19.3% are carousel posts.It’s worth noting that the percentage of video posts almost doubled from 16.3% last year. If you’re still focused only on photos when posting on Instagram, it may be time to modernize your content strategy.

15. The average engagement rate on Instagram business account posts is 0.54%

That skews a little higher on video posts (0.61%) and a little lower on photos (0.46%), but if you’re beating that benchmark of 0.54%, pat yourself on the back.

Interestingly, engagement rate changes in conjunction with a brand’s Instagram follower stats. As brands grow their followers, engagement rates typically dip.

16. 35% of Instagram users will make a purchase on the platform in 2023

That’s just behind Facebook and TikTok, both of which will see a purchase percentage of 37%.

But percentages don’t tell the whole story because of the varying user numbers for each platform. Here’s how it breaks down in terms of actual people making purchases on each social network:

17. 15% of U.S. shoppers start their online shopping searches on Instagram

TikTok made news this year as the preferred search engine among younger Internet users. But for now, Instagram still ranks higher as a platform for starting an online shopping search. For comparison, TikTok is the platform of choice for 11% of Americans beginning their shopping searches.

18. Instagram accounts for 7.51% of web traffic referrals from social media

That might not sound like a lot, but it’s actually the third-ranked platform behind Facebook and Twitter. (Facebook is the runaway leader in this category with 71.64%.)

The more important detail here is that Instagram’s share of web traffic grew 88.2% last year, while Facebook’s shrank 0.8%. Instagram used to have a real shortage of ways to link out to websites, but that’s dramatically changed with shopping features like link stickers and tags. Watch for this figure to continue to grow.

Now that you understand the importance of Instagram, what is your plan?

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