Common Misconceptions About SEO

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Misconceptions About SEO

Even in today’s day and age, some people are in denial about the importance of SEO. There are still several misconceptions about SEO floating around and creating false information. We decided to break down these misconceptions for you so you have a deeper understanding of what Search Engine Optimization actually is.

SEO is Scam Filled with Black Hat Techniques

This is completely false. Although some people use Black Hat techniques, Google penalizes websites for them. SEO is also not a scam unless you are paying an agency that is not doing their job. Organic and effective SEO is done using white hat techniques approved by Google.

SEO isn’t Long Term

Short term SEO is usually Black Hat techniques; they will provide you with results until you are penalized. White Hat techniques on the other hand, will produce long term SEO results for your dental practice. This includes adhering to Google’s standards for what constitutes a good website. As time passes, Google will become smarter and SEO will become more important. SEO is here to stay in the long term as the internet evolves.

One Bad Move Can Ruin Your SEO

This is an extremely common misconception. If you are adhering to Google’s standards but you make one bad move, like forget meta tags on a page, it won’t completely ruin your SEO. That particular page might take a hit, but it won’t dramatically decrease your hard work.

SEO is About Including as Many Keywords as Possible

This is also a huge misconception. If your content is keyword stuffed, it actually works against your SEO. It’s important to include keywords, but in a natural and conventional way. Keywords are just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to SEO.

You Can Achieve Results Fast

This misconception about SEO is another common one. SEO takes time and does not happen overnight. You won’t be at the top of Google at the release of your website. With strategies like content marketing, your search engine rankings will gradually increase over time. Black Hat techniques might provide you with faster results, but can leave you being penalized.

You Have to Build Links Everywhere

Yes, it is helpful if you use link building on your website, but having too many links, or linking to irrelevant pages can result in negative SEO. Link building must be done with a strategy in mind.

SEO Never Changes

This is also false. SEO is constantly changing. Google posts updated standards throughout the year. The latest has included recommending that all websites be mobile friendly.

How Do We Know What is the Truth?

Ask the experts! You don’t need to know the ins and outs of SEO, you can just ask us at Dental Affiliate. We will do all of the work and you can reap the results. We will continue to demystify the many misconceptions about SEO you might be reading about. Contact us today for SEO services and more.

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