How You Can Celebrate Dentist’s Day on Social Media

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Monday, March 6, 2017 is National Dentist’s Day! This is a holiday purely for celebrating and saying thanks to the dentists in our lives. At HippoMedical, we would personally like to thank all the dentists we work with! Not only do you teach us about dentistry, but you show us how truly amazing dentists are! That said, we know our dental clients will be celebrating Dentist’s Day in their office. Here are some ideas you can use to enhance your social media for Dentist’s Day.

Rave About Why You Love Your Dentists

Whoever runs the social media accounts for your practice should make a dedicated post celebrating the dentist(s) in your practice. Post a picture of them, type a little bit about them, why they are amazing, and why patients love them!

Post Old/New Testimonials Praising Your Dentist(s)

If there was a patient testimonial that really stuck out and praises a dentist at your office, re-share it! Your followers would love to celebrate a job well done with their favorite dentist. Feel free to just post the testimonial in quotes, or if you want to take a screenshot of it or place the text over an image, you can. If you have any video testimonials, now is a great time to dig those up from YouTube and re-share them!

Celebrate with Cake

Even dentists deserve a little cake or sweets occasionally even though they advise their patients to avoid them. Host a celebration of your dentists with cake, take pictures and post these all over social media. This helps showcase how supportive of a team your practice is.

Post Before/After Photos

Another way to celebrate your dentist is to showcase their work. Share old or new before and after pictures of smiles they have transformed.

Share the Dentist’s Education, Awards, Certifications, Continual Education Information

Most patients don’t think to ask their dentist about their education, where they went to college or dental school, or if they have any special accreditations, certifications or continuing education. Dentist’s Day is a great day to share this information with your followers! It’s always interesting to learn about where our dentists have studied and extra education they may have learned over the years.

Ask Your Followers to Talk About Why They Love Your Dentists

This is a great conversation starter to interact with your followers. Post a Facebook status asking to hear from your followers. Ask what their favorite memory is with your dentist(s). Your dentist will love going through the comments and remembering the great times with patients.

Need Help with Social Media?

If your practice is struggling to come up with good social media ideas, make sure to visit our blog every week for the latest information in internet marketing, including lots of social media pointers. If you still need some guidance, you might need our social media management services. Contact HippoMedical today to learn more.

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