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Instagram is always improving and developing new features for us to enjoy. Last week, they rolled out four new features: the ability to turn off comments, the ability to “heart” comments made by other users, remove followers from your private account, and lastly, the ability to privately bookmark posts you want to return to in the future. How does this update affect you? Find out the benefits of this update below.

Turn Off Comments

If the comments on your posts are doing nothing positive for you, or you decide to post something controversial, you now can turn comments off for that post. This can help you weed out negativity on your posts, thus creating a more positive experience for your followers.

Heart Comments

This new feature is great for channels who want to interact with their users more in a less time consuming way. Sure, we all love receiving comments from the admin of the account, but that rarely happens. With the new heart feature, you can let your followers know that you are reading their comments by pressing the heart button. They will appreciate knowing their comments aren’t being wasted.

Remove Unwanted Followers on Your Private Account

Say you had a public account at some point but then decided you wanted to keep things private. There was no way before to remove followers, this means anyone who was viewing your profile when it was public is still viewing it when it’s private. This new feature allows you to remove these unwanted followers, creating a safer space for you. This is a great feature for companies who want their content to be exclusive to only selected users.

Privately Bookmark Posts

Say you liked a photo or video of a product you liked but didn’t have a way of saving the post other than taking a screenshot on your phone. The new bookmarking feature will allow you to bookmark posts you want to return to in the future. This is great for people who like to explore the depths of Instagram. Encourage your followers to bookmark your posts so they can return to them later.

What Is the Benefit of This Update?

This Instagram update has allowed for users to feel more safe on Instagram and have a more positive experience. Users who want to eliminate negativity on their accounts or have bad followers will be able to enjoy Instagram once more. For more information about Instagram or social media marketing, contact us at Dental Affiliate today.

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