Planning 30 Days of Instagram Content for Plastic Surgeons

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Now that you’ve made the right choice by investing some time and perhaps money into Instagram marketing, here comes the hard part: what do I post? When it comes to creating content, having a well-thought-out plan will drive you better results in the long run. How do you accomplish this? By creating a content calendar.

Taking the time to plan out your content for an entire month will make this day-to-day task much easier. You will already know what to post when the time comes, or you can even schedule it out in advance using a tool like Hootsuite. Discover how to plan 30 days of Instagram content for your plastic surgery page.

Take Photos/Videos of Each Patient

When it comes to Instagram marketing for plastic surgeons, the visual results are the key. When you have a new patient, there are a few steps you should take to create amazing Instagram content. First, receive your patient’s consent to take videos/photos and their permission to post on social media. Then, follow these steps to create your Instagram marketing material.

For Each Patient:

  • Take a Before Picture
  • Record Pre-Op at 180 Degrees
  • Record Videos During Surgery – These can include explanations of what’s going on, tips, or what other patients should consider
  • Post-Surgery – Record the Patient’s First Reaction to Results
  • Record Post-Op at 180 Degrees
  • Take an After Picture
  • Record Boomerangs Throughout the Process (see below for example)


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Create a Content Calendar

Now that you have all of your content made, plan out how you will share your patient’s results. Here’s an example of your week for one patient:


Instagram Story – Share a before picture of the patient with a caption like “Stay tuned later this week to see her results.” You can also post a poll sticker on the story “Who’s considering a rhinoplasty?”

instagram storyinstagram story












Instagram Story – Share the before 180 degrees video and tell patients to tune in tomorrow for the surgery.


Instagram – Post surgery videos

Instagram Story – Post videos during the surgery snippets of what’s happening.


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Instagram Story – Share shortened teaser video leading up to the reaction of the patient with “stay tuned for the full video and results.”

instagram story


Instagram: Post before and after photos/videos and patient’s reaction video in gallery post.



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That was an example of what you can do for just one patient in one week! If you’re clocking in multiple procedures per week, spread the content out so you have something different going out each day. This will ensure you always have an Instagram Story to post as well as on your page.

What Else Can I Post On Instagram?

If you want to switch up your content from just featuring patients, there’s plenty of other content you can be posting.

Here are some examples:

  • Post informational videos where you talk about different procedures, who would be a good candidate for them, the benefits, and frequently asked questions
  • Testimonials from your patients, whether text or video testimonials
  • Photos of patients months or years after post-op in a non-office setting
  • Specials going on in your practice
  • Holiday celebrations in your office
  • Snippets of your personal life

instagram story

Now that you have some content ideas, it’s time to plan out your next month!

Learn More About Instagram Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

If you’re interested in learning more about Instagram marketing and how it can benefit your plastic surgery business, it’s time to give HippoMedical a call today at 888-907-6909. Our experts are here to guide you through Instagram marketing and provide you with amazing results. Stay tuned to learn how to make your Instagram content better.

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