Signs You Should Break Up with Your Marketing Company

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Business relationships and services are a lot like personal relationships, and unfortunately, sometimes they need to come to an end. If your internet marketing company isn’t giving you the results you are looking for, or haven’t kept their promises, odds are you are thinking about leaving them. There are tons of marketing companies out there, so don’t feel like you need to settle with the first one you picked. Here are some examples of red flags that can indicate that it’s time to break up with your internet marketing company for a new one.

Promises Were Not Delivered

Let’s face it, sometimes salespeople will tell you anything you want to hear to get their sale. When it comes to internet marketing, the salespeople may promise to get your website on page one of Google, or to grow your social media accounts by hundreds of followers. If you have been promised things that are not being fulfilled, speak with your internet marketing company about it. If there is no way that they can accomplish your goals or can come up with a legitimate excuse as to why your goals have not been fulfilled, this is a huge red flag.

Lack of Communication

If you are throwing a huge chunk of change away to your internet marketing company every month, you should be in constant contact with them (at least once a month). A lack of communication is never a good sign. If your marketing company isn’t eager to talk to you, or doesn’t try to communicate with you regularly, this should be another red flag. A lack of communication shows that someone is not doing their job and are avoiding the confrontation. If your marketing company is avoiding communication with you, confront them about it.

Nothing New to Offer

Internet marketing companies should try to stay ahead of the curve, this should include implementing the best strategies for your business. This should include new software, like review software, or even the latest SEO strategy. If your internet marketing company isn’t offering you anything new, this should be a concern because they are supposed to be experts in the field.

You’re Not Sure Where Your Money is Going

If you are paying money to your marketing company every month but they don’t give you a breakdown of where the money is going, you should be concerned. If they say it goes towards SEO but don’t provide you a straight answer of their strategy, this should be a red flag.

Find A Company That is Right for You

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