Social Media 101 For Dentists

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How Can My Dental Office Implement Social Media Better?

Social media has become a requirement for businesses in today’s day and age. It’s unheard of for a business not to have a Facebook or Google+ page. Social media has become the best way to stay in touch with your patients next to sending direct emails or phone calls. You can reach out to a large audience, interact and display your practice’s accomplishments with the simple use of social media. Learn how you can enhance your dental brand with the help of social media.

Use Social Media to Display Your Accomplishments

Social media is a great place to display recent smile makeovers, holidays, new blog posts, website updates, even personal accomplishments of people in your office. No matter what you post, it’s always good to keep an active online presence. Social media is also free advertising, so why not post about all of the procedures you offer and the smile makeovers you have created?

Encourage Patients to Review Your Practice

You can post reminders for patients to review your practice on social media. The more reviews you have, the better it looks when someone is researching for a new dentist office. Encourage your patients to post their reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Google. You can post links to the pages so your patients have easy access to post reviews. For even more encouragement, offer a prize for one lucky reviewer.

Educate Your Patients

It’s been embedded in our heads since we were old enough to brush our teeth that we need to brush twice a day and floss daily, but patients don’t know what else they can be doing to maintain optimal dental health. On social media, share information about gum disease, toothaches or other dental problems that you think patients might not know a lot about. Knowing more might encourage them to come in to discuss their options.

Mention Procedures You Havedental procedures for social media

Patients might be unaware of some of your procedures you offer such as cosmetic dentistry. By posting about these procedures, it can encourage any viewers to consider getting it for themselves. Let patients know that there is more to dentistry than just maintaining the health of teeth but also the appearance of teeth. This will encourage your viewers to learn about the procedures and possibly even share it with someone they know might be interested.

How Do I Acquire Followers and Likes?

When your dental practice’s social media pages are first created, you will be lacking in followers and likes. One great way to encourage your patients to like your pages is by asking them to do it while they are in the office, or if you have an email on file, send an announcement for them to follow you. You can even hold a random prize for someone who has followed your page. Another way is to put the link on your appointment reminder cards. It will remind them of their appointment and to follow your social media! Once you accumulate enough followers, your page will be getting lots of likes on your posts.

Contact Us

At Dental Affiliate, we create social media profiles for all of our clients, so if you’re unsure of where you should begin, contact us today and we will help you out. Invest in content marketing to boost your search engine ranking and also have great blog posts to share with your patients. What are you waiting for? Boost your online presence now and experience the many perks of social media for your dental practice.

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