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One approach businesses do not think to consider when it comes to internet and social media marketing, is comment marketing. Comment marketing is simply commenting on relevant posts using your business’s page/account. This then gives your business more exposure to a larger audience. Doing it strategically is what is most important and delivers the best results. Comment marketing can be done on all social media platforms, most importantly: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Finding the Right Places to Comment

The first step to comment marketing, is finding the right places to place your comments. If you are trying to expand your business in your community, your business’s page should go “like” or “follow” other businesses in the community, any local park pages, and of course, local news stations. From there, you can comment as your business on their posts. Try to only comment on posts that are relevant to your business. For example, if you are a dentist, it doesn’t make sense for you to comment on crime report posted by your local news station unless it happened near your office. A great place for a dentist to comment would be on any articles about dentistry, or businesses they want to network with. Maybe your office is next door to an auto shop, you could always comment how much you enjoy working next door to that business. Networking with other businesses is a great way to gain results from each other. If you speak highly of them, they might do the same for you.

It’s also important to follow any big news networks or dental societies so if there are any important news articles of updates, you can comment on to showcase your wisdom and philosophy to a large range of people. If you comment early enough and have something insightful to say, you might just get yourself noticed by the right person.

Writing the Best Comments

When it comes to commenting, the earlier you post a comment after the post has been made, the more people who will see it. Not only is timing important, but the content should be. Writing a few sentences will grow more attraction than just writing “cool” or “awesome.” Insightful comments can spark a conversation which expands the attention to the original comment. The same goes for replying to a Twitter post, or responding to a story on Instagram or commenting on a photo/video on Instagram. Put some effort into your commenting efforts for real results.

Why Should I Do Comment Marketing?

If this is the first you have heard about comment marketing, you’re not alone. Many businesses do not want to put forth the effort. The benefits of comment marketing include an increased number of visitors to your website. These comments you leave will encourage more people to click onto your page to see who you are, and then onto your website. Thus, your patient’s numbers will start increasing. In addition, comment marketing can help you network with other professionals in your area or in important positions.

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