Why You Should Hire An SEO Firm Instead of Doing It Yourself

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Dental-Team-of-Consultants-compressorWe’re not just telling you to invest in an SEO Firm because we’re a marketing company, we’re telling you because it’s more effective and cost efficient to pay us as opposed to doing it yourself. Let us lay down our points and you can decide for yourself.

Two Ways to Be Seen On Google

  1. AdWords- Adwords aren’t cheap, if you decide to invest in this instead of choosing SEO, you will pay anywhere from $1 to $50 per click. A small business can throw away an average of $100,000 just to be seen on a paid search. Once you stop paying for it, you stop ranking.
  2. Strong SEO- Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing due to the high intelligence of search engines. Having strong SEO will get you ranked high on Google longer term and for less money than AdWords would.

Why Hire an SEO Firm?

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We are here to provide you with long term results. Our number one goal is to see our clients succeed. We know that if you decide to do your own SEO in your spare time, or invest in AdWords, you will be wasting your time and money and not get the results you want.

SEO is a full time effort. You can’t expect good results if you’re only putting in an hour or two of work per week. When you hire an SEO firm with proven results, you can be guaranteed that they will be focusing more energy on fulfilling your long term goals than you ever would.

One major benefit to hiring an SEO firm is that they tend to have in house copywriters, web developers, content managers and analytic experts to ensure that your website is receiving all of the attention it needs. These services tend to be very costly when seeking them as individual services, SEO firms can give you an entire package, usually at a bundle price. Having one team work on all aspects of your internet presence will give you better results than using individuals.

When you hire an SEO firm, you can be certain that the company is staying up to date on Google standards to ensure that their work efforts produce positive results. This can require hours of research per month. In order to rank on Google’s high end intelligence, research is necessary.

Why Not Manage My Own SEO?

SEO is extremely time consuming. If you have the time and skills to dedicate to your practice, go ahead. However, most doctors and dentists want to spend their free time researching new medical practices or going on vacation, not keeping up with their website’s SEO. Therefore, you will not get the same outstanding results doing it yourself as you would with an SEO firm.

SEO Another option would be to hire a single personal SEO consultant.  You can either hire someone full time or a consultant for a few hours every week. One of the downsides to this is how much it costs to hire an SEO consultant. Freelancers will charge you anywhere from $100 an hour (and are a tad bit crazy, shown in the image on the left)! With an SEO Firm, you will be charged one set monthly fee for SEO efforts which usually tends to be a lot cheaper than the salary of one in office SEO consultant. Another perk to being with a firm is that you will have monthly meetings where you will be informed of your website’s progress.

The Verdict

With the provided information, unless you have a large stack of money to spend or an abundance of free time, if you want results that last at a price that won’t hurt your budget, turn to an SEO Firm to cater to all of your SEO and website needs. Here at Dental Affiliate, we can start helping you by providing an audit of your current website to see where you need help.

Also, if you really can’t make up your mind, just compare the image of the SEO Firm to the SEO Freelancer. Which would you rather work with?

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