5 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

increase Your Instagram Engagement

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When we think that we’ve finally figured out how Instagram’s algorithm works, it seems like our strategies stop working again. We do know that Instagram favors content with the most engagement. Therefore, in order to have your content seen by more people, you will need to increase your Instagram engagement. Fortunately, we have all the tips for you to use. See how increasing your engagement can help you take your plastic surgery content to the next level.

1. Use Instagram Stickers to Start a Conversation

Engagement is not limited to your posts, but also to stories, IGTV views, how many people follow your brand hashtag and more. Organic search is slowly declining but Instagram stories are growing. Therefore, you need to focus more time on Instagram stories. You can actually use Instagram’s stickers on stories to spark a conversation with your followers. For example, you can use the polling sticker or the question sticker. The question sticker is great for asking opinions or for an AMA (ask me anything). Your followers can get to know your brand better and give you some input. The polling/vote sticker is another great tool for getting your follower’s opinion. Use stickers to ask questions or to find out what they like.

2. Write Longer Captions to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

While in the past we have stated that shorter captions are better for Instagram, it might be a good idea to write a long caption every once in a while. You have 2,200 characters you can use for your entire Instagram caption, use it wisely. If you have a captivating story to tell, write it out for your Instagram caption. If the story is captivating enough, this will generate more engagement. If you have a longer story to tell, you can finish telling it in the comments.

3. Increase Your Instagram Engagement By Optimizing Your Instagram Stories

Did you know that you can actually optimize your stories to be seen by more people? There are a few ways to go about doing this. To start: use a mention sticker if you are mentioning a brand/business/person. Do this also if you are at their location. The second step is putting your location. This will help people who are searching for a location to see your stories. Lastly, add up to 10 hashtags to your post. These should be relevant hashtags to your post. To hide them, simply place an Instagram sticker or GIF over them so they are hidden from the eye. Make sure to not make them super small, otherwise, Instagram won’t take them into consideration.

4. Be More Open About Your Business

Your followers want to get to know you; give them the chance to. It’s unlikely that they have friends who are plastic surgeons. This profession isn’t common so give your followers a glimpse into your personality and personal life. These types of posts will help you drive more engagement because they are personalized.

5. Collaborate with Similar Businesses to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Create a business partnership with other pages like yours, preferably ones that have more followers. For example, you can advertise your business on our @plasticsurgery page to reach more potential followers and clients. Collaborating with other pages will help you reach more people, drive more traffic to your Instagram profile and help you gain some new clients.

Grow Your Plastic Surgery Instagram with HippoMedical

Now that you have some tips to increase engagement on your Instagram, it’s time to grow your followers. Give HippoMedical a call to learn more about our different advertising options.

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