Should My Dental Practice Be on Snapchat?

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Should My Dental Practice Be on Snapchat?

For those of you who don’t know, Snapchat is a fun social media app a majority of the younger generation is using. What is appealing about it? Images and videos disappear after 24 hours. This gives users a sense of what is going on when it’s actually happening. It’s a live feed of your network of friends, businesses, celebrities and more. Now businesses are starting to use Snapchat to feature their office, as marketing techniques, and even medical procedures. Now you’re beginning to wonder, should my dental office be on Snapchat?

A Large Majority of Your Patients Are Teens or in Their Twenties

Snapchat users are usually in their teens or twenties; although there are older users, it’s not as common. If you are going to take the time and energy to use Snapchat to feature your dental practice, you should most definitely have a large number of patients in this age range, otherwise nobody will be viewing your snaps. If nobody is viewing your Snapchat, this can be time wasted.

You Want to Showcase Your Skills

If you want to showcase amazing transformations, Snapchat is a great place to do this. Snap a before photo and post it, then post the after when you are done. This will give your users a little bit of suspense because they will have to wait for the after photos to be posted. You can also showcase your skills by posting videos of procedures being performed. This will show your patients your skills, as well as any other dentists who follow you.

Gain Loyal Followers of People Who Love Gore and Dental Procedures

Those of us who are not in a medical profession are usually quite fascinated by the daily procedures medical professionals perform. This includes everything from plastic surgery to dentistry. There is a reason Dr. Pimple Popper is internet famous, society loves gross things. You will have patients who will be drawn to your Snapchat at the slight mention that you feature procedures on there.

You Want to Have Fun

We are not going to lie to you, Snapchat can be addicting with its fun features like the face recognition filters and the speed effects. With these features you can showcase the fun environment you work in alongside the seriousness of your professional dental work.

So is Snapchat Effective For Marketing?

Snapchat is more for fun rather than marketing, but it is not a complete waste of time. Some doctors will go viral with their Snapchats, while some just have a small follower base. It’s completely up to you if you choose to spend time creating a Snapchat for your practice. If you choose to, you can get creative with your posts and even feature your patient of the day in order to persuade your patients to follow you. You never know, one of your followers might call you for that cosmetic procedure they have been thinking about after they see the amazing results they can achieve. Contact us at Dental Affiliate to learn about the social media services we can provide for you.

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