5 Things Your Dental Website Needs to Include

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What Does My Dental Website Need?

If your website is outdated and you rarely tell patients to visit it, odds are you are slightly embarrassed about your website. There are 5 main aspects your website should include for the best results and user experience possible.

  1. Information About Procedures Offered

It’s incredibly important for your website to include information about the procedures you offer. How are patients supposed to know what kind of work they can get from you if the information is not on your website? This is beneficial to your website viewers and SEO. The more information you have on your website, the better.

  1. Before and After Photos

These are your most persuasive aspects on your website. Showing off your work and the transformations you’ve created will convince people to get work that they want or need done. If they like what they see, they will definitely give you a call.

  1. Testimonials/Reviews

These are great for persuading new customers to experience your dental practice. Highlight your favorite reviews for your prospective patients to review before they call you for an appointment. Dental practices that aren’t scared to show their reviews send a better message to their viewers, that they care what their patients think of them. If your dentist office needs more online reviews, check out our ReviewDoor software to get more reviews, and stop bad reviews from going public.

  1. Blog

A blog is not only a great tool for SEO, but it gives your patients more information about their teeth, dental health and procedures you offer. You never know, your blog can save a tooth! Posting links to your blog on social media is a great way to keep your patients updated and informed as well as boost website traffic. Learn more about how blogging can benefit your website.

  1. About Section

If you don’t have an about section, the time has come to add one. About pages are great for patients and prospective patients to meet the dentist and other employees before their visit. This can help reduce any dental anxiety the patient might feel and even help persuade them to visit your practice over another.

Get a Website Makeover

Contact us at Dental Affiliate if your website is in need of a makeover. We will ensure that it is as aesthetically pleasing as informative. We create custom dental websites, optimize your website with SEO, use content marketing and more to make optimal websites.

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