The 12 SEO Tips of Christmas

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The 12 SEO Tips of Christmas

If you have been following our blog for the past year, you should have learned a lot about SEO. As a festive refresher, us at Dental Affiliate thought we would give you the 12 SEO tips of Christmas. These are the most useful SEO tips for building your online presence into one that delivers results.

  1. Original & Relevant Content – Websites should be filled with useful information. This includes content that is completely original and relevant to the industry. For example, if you are a dentist, you shouldn’t have information about oil changes on your website. The best way to index the content on your website is by having it be relevant and original. Plagiarism is frowned upon by Google and will deliver you no results.
  2. Meta Descriptions – Meta descriptions are the descriptions you see under Google listings. These should also be original and relevant to your website. The better the meta description, the more likely someone will click on your Google listing.
  3. Meta Tags – Meta tags are the title of your page that Google displays on searches. These should contain what the topic of the page is and any other relevant information like the city or name of the dental practice.
  4. Google+ Page – This should be the first step to your SEO strategy. Every business should have a verified Google+ page. This helps Google recognize your business as important and will therefore result in more pages being indexed in search results.
  5. New Website Design—Website designs play a large role in SEO. If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, this is deemed bad by Google. Newer website designs give faster load times to give your website a better search ranking.
  6. Alt Tagged Photos—Alt tags on photos give search engines more information about the photo and the page it is on. For example, if you have an image of dental implants on your dental implants page, you would alt tag it as dental implants and perhaps include the city name. This gives Google the most important keywords on your website to index for.
  7. Link Building—Link building includes placing links throughout website content on your website to link pages together. Google crawls your website and follows these links. If all your pages connect with one another, this is great for SEO.
  8. BloggingBlogging adds more content to your website which is always good for SEO. In addition, it shows search engines that you are regularly updating your website, also a bonus point.
  9. Social Media—Including links to social media pages makes your social media pages more SEO friendly. Posting links to your website on your social media also makes your website rank better.
  10. Mobile Friendly Website—In 2016 it’s extremely uncommon for websites to not be mobile friendly. When people are searching for things on mobile devices, Google is more likely to rank the mobile friendly websites higher in the search.
  11. External Linking—External linking is linking from outside sources to the website. This can be on blogs, social media or other relevant places. The more the website is linked to and clicked on from outside sources, the more important search engines will view it as.
  12. Frequent Website Updates—Regular updates to the website show that the website is filled with the most up to date information, keeping it ranking at the top.

Questions About SEO?

For questions about SEO, or help implementing an SEO strategy with original content, a new website design and social media, contact us at Dental Affiliate to speak with our experts.

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