What Does Content Marketing Mean to Your Dental Brand?

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Content Marketing a.k.a. Continual SEO You may have heard of “content marketing,” but do you know exactly what it entails and the many benefits it can bring your website? Simply stated, content marketing is showcasing the content on your website to bring brand awareness and enhance SEO. In other words, content marketing will help drive your rankings up on search engines for specific keywords, and create a larger brand awareness by having more content available and at a higher rank for viewers—it super charges your SEO. Overall, content marketing drives more traffic to your website from several sources. A successful content marketing strategy will keep you from searching for new patients and instead direct them to you. At Dental Affiliate, we implement content marketing for already optimized websites to keep them ranked, and websites that need some help growing their online presence.

Content Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Practice

Blogs for Continual SEOcontent marketing

If you browse through our client’s websites, you can see that the high majority of them have some sort of blog. With these blog entries, we post expanded topics about pages the client already has on their website. With the help of interlinking and posting on social media, this not only drives website traffic, but increases search engine rankings for the specified topic. The more content available on your website, the better!

 Custom Video Marketing Featuring Your Doctors and Patients

Like posting blogs on the website, uploading videos about your business onto YouTube will also drive more website traffic. When searching for a specific topic on either Yahoo, Google, or YouTube, your video will show up on these searches and drive viewers to your website, where your video will also be seen. Recent studies have shown that by 2017, 74%of the internet’s traffic will be from videos. This means that users are more likely to view a video online than read something. Invest in custom made videos today to stay ahead of the marketing curve.

 Social Media Marketing for Your Dental Community

Thanks to the social media generation, content marketing for a large amount of people just got a little bit easier. With social media, we post links to your latest blogs, new videos or other reasons to link to your site. These links give users a reason to click to your website, easy ways to share information, a simple way to communicate, and more.

 Mobile Content for Your Patient’s Convenience

Dental Affiliate Content Marketing for dentists Mobile content doesn’t necessarily mean content that can only be seen on a mobile device, it means the website has been optimized specifically for mobile use. This allows for cleaner navigation, and content that is easier to view. The recent trend of mobile use has made it important for all websites to have a mobile friendly version.

Luckily for you, at Dental Affiliate, we implement all of these features in our content marketing. If you don’t have any custom videos, we have a complete production team available to create the video(s) you desire. Our superior developers are also here to create mobile friendly websites for your practice. Our writers will take care of your blogs and social media. The only thing you have to do is give us a call.

With content marketing, your dental practice will become better known from an increase in content and a rise in search engines. Start putting your brand out there, contact us today to learn more about our content marketing packages.

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